Friday, April 9, 2010

Intermittent Internet

has turned into NO internet at home. There is a technician scheduled tomorrow morning to come and fix it.

One good thing that has come of it is that I discovered that the new computer has a version of Scrabble on it I can play by myself so I can practice and maybe Amber and Lisa won't beat me every time we play! I also love playing with the computer because I love playing quickly and a game can be completed in about fifteen minutes. The computer moves instantly.

Michael is gone to Chicago and is touring Fermilab today with the Geek Squad. How much trouble can they find surround by all that atomic energy, right? Tomorrow they are doing some museums and then returning Sunday. It would be nice to spend every night with Garet, but of course I am working 8 - 5 yesterday and today and he has to shoot pictures last night and tonight and probably tomorrow and Sunday too! He was able to come over last night after he finished, however. Lovely. That reminds me I want to go to the website and look at his pics. He took pictures at the Bedford High School's Arts Night last night and it sounds like they had some interesting exhibits.

Sunday I want to go to church again. Last week was great. I am so glad I kicked myself and went back. It was pure joy. Last week was Gospel music and this week is a Bach mass. Sunday afternoon there is a benefit concert for our strings program and I will go to that also, so I should have a very musical weekend. Garet has to shoot a late starting baseball game tonight so I want to go see "Alice in Wonderland" It is on the Five Buck Club. I hope Debbie wants to go with me. If she doesn't, I will probably just go by myself!

I have all the center tiles in the bathroom floor laid. I need to start doing the tough ones that need cut and I have one part that needs underlay, sigh.... I wish I could find a scrap somewhere. I don't want to buy an 8ft sheet when I need a small piece, but I can't complete the floor without it. I need to go do what I am supposed to be doing. My afternoon "break" is over.

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