Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Oh, and the good news.

Michael sent me the most pitiful email yesterday, afraid to ask a girl to the prom because how would we afford a tux, etc. I said, ask her, if she says yes - we'll figure it out. He asked today. She said yes. My coworkers are already working on helping me get him outfitted with borrowed clothes etc... I went to Goodwill tonight and found some black dress shoes in his size for $3 that don't have little holes in them like the ones he wears for concerts. We have a start! I think we have a tux to borrow and Pam gave me a $10 gift card to Kohls she said she has had since Christmas and will probably never use that we can put toward a really nice shirt or tie. It takes a newspaper to send a kid to prom! He's willing to do a nice dinner at home or at a friend's house and we'll work it all out. We have lots of candles and beautiful servingware, etc we can use.

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