Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Grossest. Thing. Ever.

My allergies have been pretty bad lately. We are having a strange spring and it seems everything is pollinating at once. I have been taking Claritin every day and I still feel like I itch inside and out. Michael has been taking Zyrtec AND Claritin every day and Sudafed on top of that sometimes and he is still miserable too. You should have seen us in Atlanta - it was worse.

Garet mowed the lawn last week because I was stressed for time and because my allergies have been so bad - and Suzanne's mower doesn't have a bag so it is about 38 and a half times worse to mow than it is with a bag - as far as making the allergies worse. He said he would come over and mow the lawn tonight if my allergies were still bad. I kind of hate for him to mow the lawn because you know I actually enjoy lawn mowing and count it toward my minutes of intentional movement. He called this afternoon and said it turns out he can't come until tomorrow. I said,"I'll probably mow tonight then, I'm still itchy, but I feel better..." then TWICE, TWICE, when I blew my nose (yes TWICE, I say) white goop squirted out of the tear duct out of my right eye! How disgusting is that?!?!?! I have NEVER had that happen before. The first time I was standing near Pam and I said, "I think crap just squirted out of my eye when I blew my nose!" The second time Judy was standing in front of my desk talking to me and I said, "Judy, did gunk just shoot out of my eye when I blew my nose?" and she awesomely said, "Oh my God, it did!" I got a fresh tissue and wiped the issue off my cheek in awe!

I figure either every mucous membrane is so swollen from histimic reaction that it is just closed or it is starting to get infected. I guess if I wake up in the morning and my eye is stuck shut like a kid with pink eye I will know! I am going to put some allergy eye drops in tonight and maybe take some extra Benedryl on top of my Claritin so if it is swollen from allergies it should go down overnight. Crazy and disgusting, huh? I secretly want a sick day off work, but you can only get antibiotic eye drops with a prescription so I really can't afford it. PLUS I am in the middle of a big special project with a straight 10% commission and I have one more $500 sale to finalize tomorrow so I need to be there. But eeeewwww, gross!

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