Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bathroom remodel

A "during" - got the pictures out of order. Oops!
Before - I hated this light fixture SO much!
Before - I hated the linoleum floor and how the side of the vanity was damaged. I also think the vanity made the bathroom look smaller and there is a closet with shelves right there, so the extra storage isn't really needed.
Another "during" I think this is after the first coat of paint.
Tile is in, but not grouted yet.
Non- sequiteur - this is the pile of papers I am going to sort out tonight!
Question - I have this in my possession already. Should I put it in over the toilet or is would that be dumb because I already have towel bars. I can't find a shelf I like that doesn't have towel bars. Maybe I should just keep looking if I am so uncertain. Opinions welcome and asked for. If I don't put in the shelf I don't think the sunflowers will go back up. I think I will make some art for it.
New towel bar and towels - same shower curtain. I made it and am not ready to part with it, besides, it's perfectly good!
New sink - purchased at Habitat for humanity ReStore for $25. Just a faucet like that costs over $100 new.
Question - should I leave the plumbing exposed as in the picture above or should I make a little "surround" to hide it? I like having the plumbing hidden, but I worry that hiding it will just take up the floor space like the vanity did and make the bathroom look smaller.
The new light fixture. I only learned during my first shower, however, that if you have all "uplight" in the bathroom it makes for a darker experience inside the shower. Keep that in mind if you do a bathroom remodel.
Sink with new mirror and towel ring - also new soap pumper. Mirror from garage sale for $5.
Toilet, of course, with the blank wall. I'm still trying to decide if I want to invest in a metal trash can to match the other stuff. I can't find one that isn't at least $10 so far, and I don't want to spend that much on a stinking TRASH CAN. I am much too cheap. Another problem with the remodel is that the tile floor is higher than the linoleum so my rug is too thick to have the direction it was before - the door hits the rug when you open it. One option I have thought of for above the toilet is to try to take off one end of the rug and use the removed section for artwork over the toilet. I am afraid of taking the rug apart, however. The little old lady who made these (I have one in the bedroom too) died so if I ruin it, it's not replaceable.
Same shower curtain - new hooks instead of rings to hang it.
Oops - forgot to rotate the picture first.

So there you go - the new bathroom. The most expensive thing was the tile and the labor. Light fixture next in line, shelf next if I use it. It was such a treat and something I've never done before to have someone paint for me. I have done the rest of the house - well I guess not in Michael's room, I only did one wall in there and then we "won" the other painting in a silent auction Scout fundraiser. I even did the floor when I worked on the other bathroom, including taking out the toilet and putting it back in. Part of what prompted me to pay to have this done is that I have lived without a sink in this bathroom for almost a year. We took out the old one and then it was one problem after another trying to get the work done. I planned to do the floor myself, but injuring my knee three times in a year meant I could not crawl around on the floor and install tile. I hired this sweet old man to come and work on the bathroom in June because I wanted it done before Michael's graduation party, but he did such a shit-tastic job that I had to undo what he did. I had a different sink I was trying to use at that time- not having found this one yet - and he installed it badly - so badly that he seriously used duct tape to try to connect some of the plumbing! Duct tape can do miracles, but not in plumbing!

So I LOVE it. I love my new bathroom. I also had Cooper do a bunch of other stuff at the same time. I will show some of it later. I like him a lot and trust him in the quality of his work and trust him in my house. The stuff I had a couple of questions about he answered to my satisfaction. It cost a truckload of money. I don't like that, but it was really, really worth it. I will be happier while I am in the house and it is closer to being ready to list if I decide to move west.


Darryl Iorio said...

Well, I just leave the bathroom sink pipes exposed because I feel like they’re really a part of the sink area. ;) You don’t necessarily have to cover or hide it to protect it from getting damaged. You just have to make sure that you inspect it from time to time to see if it’s still in its tip-top condition.

William Gulliver said...

This is what you call a simple yet outstanding bathroom renovation. I noticed that you didn’t add up a lot of things on the area, and you still used the same fixtures like the shower curtain. But with the wall color and lightings you had in there, you made the area look more engaging.

Waddle Exteriors said...

White and blue are the perfect shades to use in the bathroom. They provide a soothing atmosphere to the area. Likewise, these colors really look good together. Anyhow, you proved that you don't need to spend a lot of money in renovations like this. You did great in looking for good resources, to help you renovate well within your budget.