Sunday, February 27, 2011

So we discovered that my "Recap" sucks.

I can hardly keep up with the present - let alone recall the past!

Here's in the very NEAR past - yesterday up 'til now.

Woke up.
Called Michael - we decided that we wouldn't be able to get together until dinner time.
Talked to niece Hannah on the phone for a long time and got all the family news.
Showered and got dressed.
Went out and got gas, went to bank, decided to go see "The Vagina Monologues" Two of my friends were in it, plus it was a fundraiser for the shelter where the children and I stayed when I left Ed.
Afterward talked to a previous co-worker and friend from the bank.
Met Michael and had dinner at "Siam House" - tried Pad Thai for the first time.
Went shopping: Dollar Tree, Goodwill, evil empire - looking for frames for an art project I think I want to try for hanging in the newly remodeled bathroom.
Came home and talked to Debbie on the phone for a bit.
Watched a movie "Days of Heaven" because I decided I needed to see another Terrence Malick film, having liked "Badlands" and "The Thin Red Line." It also didn't hurt that it starred a young Richard Gere!
Slept some - woke up with a raging headache.
Suffered, slept, suffered, slept, suffered, slept, took medicine, suffered some more.
Woke up around 8am and took better medicine, slept a little more and watched "Field of Dreams"
Came in and began alternating computering, resting, chatting online with niece Amber, cleaning house, putting stuff on Freecycle (purging, purging) and here I am!

I am still doing the same stuff last mentioned above. I still have pile of papers to file and some other stuff to do to complete the basic housework I had planned for this weekend. I'm trying to decide if I want to hang the shelf I bought in the bathroom or wait and try to complete previously mentioned art project for that space. I may ask for opinions. I think photo post to follow.

I was supposed to go watch a movie with Will tonight, but he had forgotten today is his mother's birthday! Duh. I am glad he remembered in time to go see her. He is supposed to call me when he's done and we'll decide from there. I kind of want to and kind of want to stay home and not get dressed and work on the house and stuff some more. I guess we'll just see what time he calls and how I feel at the moment. I guess that's a plus in having a non-committed relationship. I was able to stay home and baby my headache and work on my own stuff. In a committed relationship I probably would have put the man's needs above my own and gone with to visit the mom and play Scrabble and celebrate birthday, even if I really didn't feel like it. I guess that's one thing I need to learn about relationships - that I don't always have to put someone else's needs above my own.

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