Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I went to Dr. Karin today and she worked on my knee quite a bit. It still has a bruise. Gillian just asked me how it was yesterday and I said, "It still has a little shadow of a bruise." When I showed her she said, "That's not a shadow. That's a bruise!" Karen used her little "percussion" machine on it quite a bit. After she was done, the bruise had visibly faded a little more. I took a picture of it a few days ago, but it was hard to get the light right to show the bruise. I took those pictures on the 27 - what was that? Five days ago? I fell on December 19, so it has been about 10 weeks since the fall. Karin and I were talking about how I need to start exercising again. I started to put my shoes back on and noticed a weird bump on the ball of my foot. I took my sock off and there is a brand new blister! I have no idea why I got it. I was wearing shoes I have worn many times. I didn't do a lot of walking today, nothing. I did wear a new pair of socks today, but they are just like all the socks I wear, and I think I have even had this brand before. Tonight it has been hurting like crazy, every time I take a step! I feel like it be forever before I get to start exercising. I want to join the Y so I can use the pools. Even if I can only water walk or tread water it would be better than nothing! The Y is about $50 a month, though, and I just don't know if I can swing it. Sigh...

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