Saturday, March 5, 2011

Stuff I really like (not necessarily THINGS this time)

1) The Office
2) Sparkly things
3) Soda
4) chocolate
5) Reading
6) Disposable tissues; Kleenex or Puffs
7) Remote controls
8) Baskets to keep things together in sets ie: remote controls, perfumes, medicine, weights, etc.
9) Good smelling dish soap and hand soap
10) Garage door openers
11) All the good music in Bloomington
12) Cool looking bikes - think retro
13) Hello Kitty
14) Pills that help me sleep
15) Money
16) Being good at my job
17) Gyros
18) My digital camera
19) Washer and Dryer
20) Glow bracelets and necklaces
21) Making lists
22) Little notebooks for my lists
23) Calendars
24) Alphabetization
25) Appropriate punctuation
26) Beautiful, bright colors.
27) Glue guns
28) Facebook
29) Real mail
30) Stickers
31) DVDs and DVD players
32) Open windows
33) Fiber One tablets
34) Coconut Bon bons
35) Spirals
36) Squares
37) Karaoke
38) Harley Davidson motorcycles
39) Dollar stores
40) Hardcover books
41) Tablecloths
42) Earrings
43) Bubble gum
44) Voice mail
45) Sharpie markers
46) Lip balm
47) Flannel pajama pants
48) Frozen Coke or Pepsi
49) Reusable shopping bags
50) Tomatoes
51) Prime numbers


Miguel said...

I have a Kareoke machine that NEVER gets used. Kids started singing once and the next-door neighbor came knocking that it was too loud---the joys of apartment life!

Hope said...

I have one that got used so much that it is getting to the point where the CDs skip sometimes. I also don't have any microphones right now. I miss it. I used to just sit and sing and entertain myself. I would also try to practice songs for when we'd go out. Now it seems like we never go out to karaoke anymore and I miss it.

Deb said...

Me: I'd place Harley-Davidson and money toward the top. And tomatoes. Thinking money to buy a hot custom Harley to go shopping for tomatoes.

Yes, that works for me!