Sunday, July 29, 2012


Between spending time with the children Friday, cooking for family reunion, driving to Lafayette, around Lafayette and back, washing some dishes, baking two cakes this morning and then group cooking for Food Not Bombs, then going to the park, I AM ZONKED. I just lay down for a little bit and it helped, but everything hurts. I plan to take some ibuprofen and hope it helps. I've planned to make cupcakes for the County Fair. I've never done the fair before, but when I learned there is a special category this year for cupcakes, and I've been making so many recipes and stuff I decided to try it.  I hope I haven't put myself out of the running by doing too much. I already took tomorrow off for the fair, but if I end up needing a recovery day it is there. I hope I can do both. I want to make my vegan strawberry cupcakes for the fair. They were SO yummy!

I could have skipped the park part today. Nicole and Charlie had been my fellow cookers and I told them I hit the wall of tired and they both would have understood if I left, but I couldn't. I enjoy serving the food and seeing the people enjoy it too much. I forgot to count today, but we had 77 burritos, there were 4 left when we were done. Most of us also ate and some people took a couple for later, but still a lot of people. There were a couple more families with toddlers there this week. Although I am saddest that they don't have food security, I'm happy to feed them.  I spent the time at the park talking to one woman named Amy who told me some of here history and why she is living at the park and shelters... She actually owns a trailer that is on a rented lot, but she had a fight with her boyfriend earlier this week and she left and let him have the trailer. She says it's mostly his stuff inside and he his worried about his possessions and he doesn't have the savvy to survive the street like she does. I wanted to tell her to go kick his ass out, but I know that's not my role. Sigh, because I really know what's best. For everybody. :)

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