Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It's Floradix, and I'm worth it!

Back in May when I was vomiting a lot I went to Karin, the chiropractor. She told me I was really anemic from not absorbing anything. She made several recommendations, one of them to try a tonic that contained a lot of iron from plant sources. I went to Bloomingfoods right away and the only bottle they had was nearly fifty dollars. I was so sad and determined I could not afford it. I went back to work, fairly upset, but didn't say anything. I finally did tell Gillian about the anemic part, but not about the tonic. Later she sent me an email that she really believed in this tonic called Floradix and she would like to buy a bottle for me. That was what Karin had recommended! I thought about it for a few minutes and then I told her about the experience in Bloomingfoods and told her I would accept her gift. She went to a different store and found a smaller bottle that was still pretty expensive, but not as much. SO, the following weeks I took a dose of Floradix whenever I felt like I could drink it without vomiting - it was too expensive to throw up! The past couple of weeks, however, there was only a little bit left in the bottle and I never felt like I should take it. I didn't know why, the vomiting was done, thank goodness, I just never took anymore, even though I felt like it would continue to help my overall nutrition and health - anemia is something I have struggled with throughout my life.

Finally yesterday it hit me. I was afraid to drink the last little bit because I was afraid I would never have it again! I was doing the same thing Heather had done with a bottle of expensive "Happy" body wash that had half an ounce left in it and sat in her tub for at least months, maybe years. So yesterday I went to Bloomingfoods and did it! I bought a new bottle of Floradix! This time they had the smaller bottle, so I only had to invest $27. I came home and took a dose out of the old bottle and that is exactly what had been left in there, one dose. I need to remember that I am worth it, my health is worth it, and investing in good food, healthy activity and Floradix is something I deserve.

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Anonymous said...

I had to take Floradix when I was pregnant with June and it really helped. But I don't remember it being that expensive, so I will try and find out if there is a different brand name that works the same. Also when I was buying that stuff at the health food store, they mentioned a great way to help anemia is to take a tablespoon of molasses. That would be cheaper. -Hannah