Saturday, July 28, 2012

I ain't your regular babysitter.

I've been really happy that my children are grown, and even though I love him dearly, frankly often been quite annoyed since Michael has been back the past year. So many of my peers and former school chums are grandparents, but I really just haven't felt that desire to be around children again. Then Lisa went and had a couple of babies last December. Twin babies, Cute, twin babies, cute, smart, twin babies. I'm in love.  Chloe and Zoe and gonna be my substitute grandchildren. Good thing too. John and Lisa (and C & Z) live closer than Emily, anyway!

Tonight a quick violent storm rampaged through town bringing high winds, rain and hail. At Josh & Nicole Johnson's house as they sat on the front porch half of the oak tree dropped on the porch, a big oak tree. It smashed the porch, which came crashing down on them and especially got Nicole. We were planning to cook there for Food Not Bombs tonight and that was, um postponed... I ended up going back later because N was still in the emergency room hours later and I thought the children were home alone.  It turned out their grandmother was there, but she didn't really want to be. Zoe hid in her room, because that's what 13 year old girls do best. Uriah and Willow fought over what to watch until I basically told Uriah to let her pick, then we lay down and Willow went to sleep and I let Uriah turn the show to what he wanted. I mostly snoozed with Willow. When Josh & Nicole came home after 6 or 7 hours of X-rays and CAT scans I said, I didn't feed anybody real food, I didn't make anybody brush their teeth, I didn't even make Willow go potty before she went to sleep. All I did was BE THERE.


Kim Anderson said...

Being there is the best thing you could have done. THAT is what mattered. Not the food or the teeth being brushed. You loved them enough to go and be there. They will always remember that, and be grateful.

Hope said...