Thursday, January 5, 2012


Real life has interfered somewhat with my online activity.

Last night I felt well enough to try a run to Bloomingfoods so I called Michael to see if he wanted to go to pick up some stuff. He did, so I went downtown to get him. He said he knew the Occupation was going to get notice of eviction. When we returned to camp I decided maybe I should stay for GA (General Assembly) to see if there was a plan to know if I should bring some of Michael's belongings home or maybe even Michael. I ended up staying there for a couple of hours. Pretty soon after I first arrived the police went around and taped notices to the light poles. The Occupation was supposed to have all belongings out by noon today or their stuff would be confiscated. The Occupants (mostly) agreed to get the stuff out. So far no cops have gone and confiscated nor destroyed any belongings and I guess they have actually been granted an extension until noon tomorrow. I wish I didn't hate typing so much. I certainly have a lot of thoughts about this. I think the time for a physical occupation of space is over and it is time to use the networks they've developed, the skills they've acquired and the information they've learned and let the Occupation evolve to the next level. It's like when one needs to go to residential rehab for a while, but the process isn't complete unless you take it back out into the world and continue to live your life clean and successfully.

Michael had planned to come home tonight, but instead he is staying at the home of some other occupants. Michael is very sick with a very sore throat. Everybody decided it is best that he stay inside a house even though there seems to be no danger of arrest at the park tonight. I'm ready for him to come home. He has probably been the most faithful regular resident of the occupation, staying almost every night for nearly three months. I am proud of him for honoring his convictions, but I'm ready for him to come home. I haven't really written on my (minor) involvement with the occupation. I went from pretty hearty support to some disillusionment. I've decided my take on the Occupy catchphrase is "#Occupy your heart #Occupy your cranium - in real language "Act and speak thoughtfully, motivated by love."

I desperately need sleep tonight. Last night I ended up going back after 1:00 to get some items from camp. Honestly, I was about an hour into the deepest sleep I've had all week, and afterward, I never got it back. I'm going to watch some more news and see if they show the stuff from Occupy at Peoples' Park and then I am off to bed!


Deb said...

Applause and respect for you and for Michael. Well done.

Hope said...

Michael ended up being so sick that someone brought him home just as I was going to bed last night.I gave him throat drops, Tylenol, water and he went right to bed. This morning I took hm to urgent care. It's not strep, but very sever viral. She recommended OTC drugs and gave him a prescription for Amoxicillin to get if he is still sick in a week. She said if that happens it will have become bacterial...

Josh who was arrested on NYE and has the most serious charges had his first hearing today at 1:30. Soon after the hearing started and many of the remaining Occupants were at the Justice Building a little group of cops came and started clearing the park. As far as I know there was little resistance. There are a couple of tents remaining in trees, and one tent with a woman in it chained to a tree. The city ordinance says the park closes at 11:00. I have predicted the police will try to clear the remaining people from the park at 11:00. I haven't seen any news online as yet. Someone messaged Michael just before 11:00, but he is in bed and I didn't see who.

I guess we will see in the morning. Whatever it is I hope it is peaceful, even if there is resistance, that it is only passive, and that everybody stays calm.