Monday, January 30, 2012

I just wanna say

I feel happy today. I was SO happy to meet Lisa and John's babies yesterday. I gave them their stuffed rats and they love them. Work was happy. I got some songs on my mp3 player and y life at work is about a zillion and a half times happier with music. I know I won't be able to listen to it in the busy phone season, but I am really happy about it right now. I still had enough pain today to make me take pain killer in the morning, but it wasn't quite so bad and not so depressing. Day three of no gluten. I signed up to take another dinner to a Buffalo Sister who recently had a baby. Barley in not on her no-no list so I will make the vegetable barley soup I have been planning and give it to her and her family. I almost have hats complete for her little ones as well. That will be nice. Tomorrow is Scrabble and I can debut my new board.

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