Thursday, October 24, 2013


I thought I would start writing all the time again, but life has been pretty strange...

Work is hard. Kerri, the other full time rep has been on maternity leave.

I've been "seeing" a man whom I met on Friday, September 13. We do something probably two or three times a week. We've never had a fight. We are radically different in almost every way.

It is getting cold.

I've been reading again, something I miss.

They put a bunch of new shows on Netflix that are episodes of continuing series and I want to watch them. (Louie, How I met Your Mother, Portlandia)

Last Wed. Oct. 16 I was rear-ended in my car. It totaled the car and although I felt uninjured that day I grew a bruise on the top of my right foot and a sharp pain in the heel of my left foot... let's face it, the worst thing that could probably happen to me is something to make my feet hurt more... wait a minute: I know that is NOT the worst thing and is far from it, let's call it a very ANNOYING thing.  Also it freaked me out quite a bit and has been emotionally wearing. There have been a couple of nights I returned home from work and went straight to bed to either sleep or drown my sorrows in Netflix.

Heather is getting ready to marry Ian. The time I have been awake and not with Keith or reading or watching Netflix I have been obtaining and crafting some wedding items. Nothing big... I bought a simple veil, I have been buying and/or making potential hair ornaments, and I have been tying tulle bows on the handles of 200 little bottles of bubbles!

and now... It's time to retreat to my bed once again. As soon as I switch the laundry to the dryer I am going to go read until I am about asleep.

Good night!

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