Saturday, October 12, 2013

I went on a trip...

to New Mexico! I went to visit Katie and her family. Sarah called me the night before I went and said she just couldn't come because of school commitments. I was sad, but I am really happy she is in school and I understand. Amber was supposed to come from Utah, but she and the children were in a car accident on the way... Everybody was okay physically, but the car was totaled and it was really traumatic. I am glad they were not hurt. I understand the trauma and hope they can heal well from that.

The trip in itself was really nice - a good blend of rest and doing and seeing. They still had school and work much of the time and I used that time for some total rest, sleep, TV viewing, reading and showers... Ahh!! The part that made me the happiest was seeing Katie's children again and really getting to know them as people, and wonderful people they are. It was really the first time to spend an extended period with Katie and Gordon as well, and I really like them.

Part of the time (really on one day) I had a headache, which was painful and annoying. I even took some of the prescription meds. I am glad I took them with me. I hadn't had to take any since July.

Life has been interesting lately... On Friday, September 13th at a picnic held by mutual friends I met up with a teacher from one of my previous schools. I never took his class, but he was my speech coach for at least one meet that we recall. We have been spending time together ever since. There are some things about being with him that are fab-u-lous, others not so. The fab parts are enough that we have seen each other probably three times a week for the last four weeks, except when I was on my trip. The not so parts are pretty important parts. I don't think this is a long term thing, but for now I plan to enjoy it with a positive attitude and not worry. We talk like crazy about a variety of subjects and that is good. Today we did some shopping and had dinner and then hung out for a while. We might have gone to karaoke, but he kind of had a headache and I was feeling a little whiny, so we hung it up for the night.

Since he (whose name is K.) left I have been practicing some songs and now doing this. I made a long list today and still have several items, but I will probably continue it through tomorrow and call it a weekend list instead of a Saturday list... see, I am NOT the bad "P word!"

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