Saturday, March 2, 2013

Ketchup - sorta

Well, I have found that trying to blog on the laptop sucks. Here is a copy of a post I typed on there:

Hm. WEll I was just going to type that it is too hard to type on the laptop tonight, but then I sat up and duh. It's much better sitting almost like a real person.

Damn. I just rememberI went out to the front room and forgot to  ge   my phone out of my purse and my alarm clock is on it. Sigh. Sometimes it seems like there are aways strange obstacles to going to bed in a timely fashion.

I went to the YMCA tonight to try the deep water aquafit class and no instructor showed up. The three of us who were there treaded water most of that time and then went to the Aqua Zumba CLASS that was next on the schedule. I enjoyed the time talking to the other women anywy.

Tomorrow night will be back to shallow water and laps because that is the only class on Friday night. I will see how adding all the stuff feels!

Right now it feels tired!
Turns out it was hard to type even sitting up.  The cursor kept jumping up to the middle of previous sentences and I would have to watch for it and then retype all of that! I love my Kindle, but I don't like finger typing so I wouldn't want to blog on there....

Eric and Eli have gone cold weather camping tonight. Eli LOVES to camp. We had a nice conversation about it while Eric was getting stuff ready. That's why I am typing on my real computer. I also need to do some practical stuff, like start my taxes, ugh.

So far, it has been okay having them here. Eli is a good kid and Eric seems to be a good dad. My only complaint about his parenting doesn't have anything to do with our living arrangement... it's that he tells Eli stuff like, "Mama wouldn't like it that I am taking you camping when it is cold outside..." Now I don't know the rest of the story. I don't know if he followed with don't tell her or______ (Think of some alternative). It's really not my business, except for fuck it if I don't already care about Eli and hate to see him get worried about what he can or can't say to his mama. Sigh.

Okay, on to a little bit of taxes. If I at least get started then I will know what steps I need to do next with my paperwork. Hate it!!! I wish someone would do this crap for me.

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