Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend. Yay!

This is the list I made for the weekend:

Things I really want to accomplish this weekend:
Reiki Clinic
Air in bike tires
Social Activity
Start letter and prepare for post
Fill pill case
Finish "Schindler's List"
A load of something out of house
Good food
Read a lot

Guess what!
Reiki Clinic - Check. I still do not completely know my feelings on Reiki, but it was at least relaxing. It was odd that I had two practitioners working on me, yet at times I felt as if I had three or more sets of hands touching me...
Air in bike tires - Check. Michael and I went to the store today and I loaded the bike on and we stopped at the gas station on the way and got air. The bike is still on the car. I may leave it on there and ride it somewhere during lunch tomorrow if my headache is gone.
Social Activity - Check. After the Reiki Clinic Kathy, Cetti and I went to a Thai restaurant and talked for over two hours. It was very nice. Michael and I also attended the Iftaar dinner at UU and talked with some lovely people.
Start letter and prepare for post - Check. I've started a "Round Robin" letter intended to go between me, Kim, Susan and Lu. They don't Facebook and we are losing touch and I don't like it. Time for some desperate, old- fashioned measures!
Fill Pill case - Check. Add another 20mgs or Lasex daily. My left foot has been swollen all weekend! Grrr...
Finish "Schindler's List"- Check. Michael and I had started it on Thursday, I think. I am trying for us to watch as many of the movies in our Netflix queue as possible before we switch to "streaming only" when they raise the rates. Many of the movies on the AFI Top 100 list that we are trying to see are only available on DVD.
A load of something out of the house - Check. I took a full laundry basket of items to the new Bloomington Community Thrift Store. It benefits Middle Way House, which is nice.
Laundry - Check. Two very full loads gave me an empty laundry basket and a selection of items that are now laundered in fragrance free, dye free detergent rather than the type I had used that I suspect of making me itchy.
Good food- Check. With the exception of the eating out with Kathy and Katie I ate at home all weekend. I had no processed food at all, (except a Hershey bar) even when we ate out it was real, cooked food, not fast food.
Read a lot - Sort of check. I did read in my current novel "Black Girl, White Girl" by Joyce Carol Oates. I didn't really make the "a lot" part. I had a headache today and ended up sleeping a couple of hours of what probably would have been reading time.

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Miguel said...

Busy girl!

I have to get a to do list for those odd times when I'm alone and need to work on projects (God knows I have plenty of them that never get done) and tackle them instead of sitting home alone hyperventilating because no one is there to entertain me! :-)