Monday, August 29, 2011

Another weekend has passed and is the past.

I made another list of significant tasks to accomplish and I am still working on some of them. I DID accomplish some wonderful things. I made my first batch of homemade granola. It was pretty good. I think I will refine the recipe and probably change it every time I make it. It is significantly less expensive than buying it. I am probably going to try to make it to sell for Hope's Homemades.

I also made about 9 quarts of spaghetti sauce. Unfortunately it was not from homegrown tomatoes. My crop is not substantial enough for much more than a salad. Canned crushed tomatoes are a little over $2.00 for a #10 can at Sam's Club. two cans of those, jarred garlic, three pounds of onions, cheap Italian Seasoning, a couple cans of tomato paste because I got tired of boiling it and wanted it thick NOW, and hours and hours of work makes LOTS of spaghetti sauce with NO SUGAR added. It's practically a no carb food that way. I refrigerated some because I didn't have enough rings and canned the rest in 15 pints and one didn't seal. Michael ate his first meal of it tonight and declared it excellent and said there would be no trouble using up the refrigerated portions in time.

I have some amazingly FUN and NOT work-filled weekends planned for the next two months. I will report soon. I wrote on my list tonight "blog a little." I plan to stick to that! I guess I am just a tease!

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