Friday, January 21, 2011

Hello again!

I know it has been a long time. I've become one of those people who wastes too much time on that damn Facebook and forgets about the important things in life. No more! i AM GOING TO BEGIN BLOGGIN AGAIN ON A REGULAR BASIS. i'M NOT GOING TO COMMIT TO EVERY DAY BECAUSE SOMETIMES THATS JUST. DAMNED CAP LOCKS!!! Too. Hard.

I thought a lot about it while I was at the grocery store tonight...okay, not really, I only thought about it for about three minutes while I put the stuff in the trunk and parked the cart in the cart corral. I just thought it would sound better if I acted like this is a well-thought-out plan. So here is my half-baked plan. I have been two years without making an uberlist - so I wonder how my life has been without the giant goal sheet... it would have been 110 this year! I want to think about the different areas of my life and what happened in them in 2009. I'm only introducing tonight. I plan to make at least one real entry this weekend. My goal is to not leave the house until I go to work on Monday morning, so surely in there I will find some time to write. Now, however, I must go check everybodys' status updates! haha!

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