Sunday, May 5, 2013

Tonight I am cold.

I am cold and I am in my house wearing nice, dry clothes and the dryer is running and warming the place up... yet in the parking garage tonight I saw one man wearing flip flops and one man wearing socks with no shoes walking on the wet cement. This is fucking AMERICA, in my beloved city. WHAT THE HELL? I have put on my Facebook page more than once asking people to bring sleeping bags and blankets and NOT ONE person has responded. I bet at least 50% of my local friends have one spare blanket that they never use or could afford to replace with a brand new one if they gave an extra away. I just don't get it.

I don't care how drunk or high these people are. It's not our job to judge them. It's our job to feed them and keep them warm!!!!

Okay - I planned to keep that a private rant, but now I put it on my Facebook page. Maybe I can shame people into helping, even though that is not my usual MO. Sigh. I will probably get embarrassed and take it down in a minute. 

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