Sunday, April 7, 2013

Time flies...

One thing about having Eric live with me is that I can't really write in my blog. I use the computer sometimes, but I have been working on updating and maintaining Hope's Homemades.

There are days when I feel like I have so much to write and then when I don't do it, the ideas fade away.

Here are some logistical updates.

This week I am going to Illinois to see Henry Rollins speak. I saw him a couple of years ago when Garet and I were dating. I was tempted to invite Garet to go with me, but I kept imagining a couple of scenarios. 1) We go together and fight the entire time and we are TRAPPED. 2) We go together and have sex, and then try to get together and I remember why I broke up with him. There was not imagining that we would go together and remember how much we love being together, have mind-blowing, satisfying sex and get back together. Based on the lack of imagining that scenario the invitation never happened. Probably good. Oh, another scenario I keep imagining is that for some reason I meet up with Henry Rollins and WE have mind-blowing, satisfying sex. I think that's my favorite scenario.

I am feeling somewhat depressed. Most mornings when I wake up the first thing I say is, "Fuck! Shit!" because all I want to do is stay in my bed. Mornings that I don't say it out loud I want to just lie there and scream. I am not enjoying my work right now. I really need a break and I hope my trip this week will help. I have what appears to be a fairly nice hotel reserved for Wednesday and Thursday nights. Friday night I will drive back to Indiana and stay the rest of the weekend at Chez Vaughn, and babysit the baybeeze Saturday evening while Lisa and John go to a big wedding.

I'm feeling scattered about writing right now. I am going to go eat some lunch and then try again later.

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