Friday, October 5, 2012

Leaving, on a ...

well, the guy said it would most likely be an Aveo or a Cruz... I am taking a journey tomorrow to go see a comedian Louis C.K. in St. Louis (and you know I LOVE that!). He has a TV show and the first 2 seasons are on Netflix and I have watched many of the episodes repeatedly. He's true and amazing and raunchy and honest - my kind of guy. It's ended up being some kind of epic birthday trip. I am frankly abashed at the expense I have paid for this trip, but it grew one little thing at a time... It's probably my annual retreat for 2013, a couple of months early!

Somehow, I think FNB is going to be pulled off this weekend and I am happy for that. Last week seriously at the last minute, Ross posted that he had acquired a load of food and he and I cooked and got it to the park about 6:30.  We need to get a routine established and enough regular people so some of us can go on trips, or study, or work, or be sick, or sleep and there is still dinner at the park for those who need it. We still need equipment to make it work when it's cold, too. I think I am going to ask a local attorney for some money for equipment, because the parkies respect him and say he talks to them. We'll see.

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