Thursday, September 13, 2012

Life in Alabama...

So in the courtroom scene there are times when we are supposed to react and say nonsense to make a ruckus. The director told us he should not hear any recognizable dialogue, so most of us just say, "burble, burble, rutabaga" and such. The woman next me me the entire time has said real sentences often using "nigger." Tonight after Atticus called Tom Robinson the the stand she turned to me and said. "I can't believe they're going to let a nigger testify in court." I turned back to her and replied, "I really don't like it when you say 'nigger' even though we are in a play!" behind my fan. I have been TORN UP about this and wanting to say something the entire time we have been rehearsing and performing this show. I am so glad I finally said something. We tried the indirect approach - I told my friend who is in the colored balcony about it and when all the the townspeople were discussing burbling she said, "We can hear it when you say real words when you're talking." It didn't seem to get the message through... Even if she doesn't change her behavior I don't feel that the tacit agreement is implied by my non- reaction. Phew!

Life in Indiana...

I did some financial finagling and with Gillian's assistance have the money to get a new roof. When I told Cooper is is leaking when it rains and getting worse he juggled the schedule, the materials will arrive tomorrow and he got started on the gutter work to get ready today. Yay!

Michael moved out to a non-capitalist living arrangement so my dish issues are over. I'm worried though, because I have sent him messages and called him and he has not responded. I am going to call the violin shop tomorrow afternoon if I don't hear from him by then.

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