Thursday, July 14, 2011

Things I learned on my trip.

I was so happy in this picture because I had been singing along with the music and having a great time.

When returning to Indiana from New Jersey always pick "West" ... unless of course you are picking North or South.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike is no fun, even though the mountains are pretty.

I don't care if a hotel sign says, "American Owned" The Mr. Patel at The Super 8 on the way was a SUPER Mr. Patel.

Always clarify what someone truly means when they say, "Don't worry, we'll take care of everything."

Not all twelve year old boys are equally trained or mannered.

Alcoholics can be hard to be around, even when it is a vacation.

I really enjoy time alone. I knew this already, but it was reinforced.

I probably play on Facebook too much, judging by the amount that I regretted, nay, mourned how my little netbook wasn't fully functional.

Using beauty products purchased with good intentions many moons ago can be fun: Pore strips, masks, good tweezers, etc...

Not every hotel room comes with a hair dryer (Mr. Patel's did!)

You don't have to plan every outfit ahead of time and pack accordingly. You will survive, and new socks CAN be purchased even out of state.

Try to pick the hotel with the free breakfast when you are diabetic and traveling with alcoholics - or at least pack protein bars.

Sing when you feel like singing, even if it is not karaoke night.

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