Saturday, April 9, 2011

Grr. Argh.

And not in the good "Buffy" sense. I feel like I have only been able to stay out of bed little bits at a time today. I had imagined a day grocery shopping, swimming a mile, deciding what to do about the car and making arrangements, paying all the online bills, figuring EXACTLY how much money I could spend on the car, cleaning house completely, and going out tonight. So far I have managed to eat twice, walk out to the car and get my book, take some medicine, read a little on facebook and make my game moves and sleep, oh and sleep, oh, and sleep some more. This is even after I came home from work yesterday, went to bed, slept until about 10:00, ate a little, went BACK to bed, slept most of the night, woke up about eight o'clock and then slept off and on again until about ten o'clock!

I worked super hard this week, swam twice, had the emotional trauma of the car problems and I guess it has just all added up. I did have some insomnia, but I think I slept more through the week this week than I have been - it's hard to remember. It was all a blur. I guess today is my lesson in remembering that I can't do it all at once, and that my body is not what is used to be. Even though I am doing a lot of things that are good for me I am still chronically fatigued and I need to remember that and give myself the breaks and rest that I need. And with that - I think I am going to lie down and try to watch an episode of The Office, during which I will probably fall back to sleep!

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